China Recruitment for Trustworthy Talent®

We find talented people with character in China.

SHI Group China specializes in recruiting Trustworthy Talent® for existing companies in China as well as companies who would like to enter the Chinese market. The first step to getting great results for your business in China is choosing the right people. Any headhunter or recruiter can find you people of talent, but SHI Group China specializes in finding Trustworthy Talent® who have a passion for your culture with the character to learn what will make your business successful in China.

What is Trustworthy Talent®?

Workers who are Talented can make you money or know best how to steal your money. 72% of Chinese managers that Western companies in China hire have falsified their experience to get their positions. It is just those people who have amazing interview skills and polished resumes that always put themselves first and use every word to advance their cause. These politically skilled people drag down efficiency in our enterprises here, and it is all not necessary. Trustworthy Talent® can be found and identified in China in every place and skill specialty. They are more than worth the effort to consistently bring on your team. Get SHI Group for your premium recruitment agency in China now.

Dedicated Workers (Dispatch Employees) for China Market Entry

China is the biggest growth market in the world. Companies who want to grow need to be in China. SHI Group China helps companies enter the Chinese market by providing dedicated workers to assist companies with their particular needs. SHI Group China offers dedicated workers for sales, market research, R&D, sourcing and service. We can help your business enter China and make it a great and profitable experience.

What is a Dedicated Worker in China?

Having a dedicated worker in China  involves signing a contract with SHI Group to have us assist you in China, including employing and overseeing full-time workers.

Trustworthy Talent

Trustworthy Talent®

SHI Group China is a recruiting company that uses our AccuHire® Recruitment Process to deliver talented people with character for your business.

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Dedicated Workers China Market Entry

Dedicated Workers (Dispatch Employees)

Need to bring your business to China? SHI Group China offers dedicated workers for sales, market research, R&D, sourcing and service.

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SHI Group gave us the strategy, recruiting  and consulting we needed to give new life to our China venture. Working with Jim helped me in more ways than I can mention. If you are looking to get started in China or want to do better in China, they can help you and you will be partnering with caring and wise people.

Albert Otto, Sigmatek, International Sales & Operations
SHI Group assisted us to place two high-level personnel at our Beijing organization. Both were professional and competent people that we highly need.  I would recommend SHI Group to place people of character and ability to anyone who asked.

TC Cheong, Taylor-Wharton, Vice President
Jim has great strategic insight and deep ability to gain understanding of a company. Jim showed this clearly in the matter of Pritronics and its owners at the holding company Headquarters. He gave a lot of guidance and support which took Pritronics from four consecutive years of losses to its first ever profitability.

Juliet Chen, PRItronics, General Manager