Recruitment China

recruitment china shi group chinaRecruitment China – Any headhunter can find you talented people. We find our clients talented people with character. The cost of a bad hire in China is great. We practically eliminate that risk and offer our clients the potential of a “home run” hire.

SHI Group China specializes in recruitment process outsourcing for existing companies in China as well as companies who would like to enter the Chinese market. The first step to getting great results for your business in China is choosing the right people. Any headhunter or recruiter can find you people of talent, but SHI Group China specializes in finding talented people who have a passion for your culture with the character to learn what will make your business successful in China.


China Recruiting Via Accuhire™ Process

Accuhire Recruiting Process

SHI Group China is uses our 10 Step Accuhire Recruitment Process to deliver talented people with character for your business.

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Dedicated Workers China Market Entry

Dispatch Employees

Having a dedicated worker involves signing a contract with SHI Group to have us assist you in China, including employing and overseeing full-time workers.

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