Trustworthy Talent® for your China Operation

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Our Recruiting In China Is Different

SHI Group guarantees a great hire every time through our Accuhire® China Process.  Further, we uniquely offer our clients the strong possibility of a truly remarkable candidate. About 20% of the time, we deliver the “diamond in the rough” that will transform your business.

We Uncover The Real Data

SHI Group China does not just provide our clients resumes. We find talented candidates and then find out the whole relevant truth about them. We look into the candidate’s background and find out if they have a large weakness or a track record of dishonesty. We background check deeply so the risk of hiring the candidate is virtually eliminated.

We Disclose Everything About The Candidates

SHI Group China is completely transparent with our clients about what we know about candidates. We never cover up bad facts about candidates. We know the best hiring decision can only be made when our clients have all the facts, both good and bad, about candidates. Our Accuhire® Recruitment Process provides a viable alternative to typical recruiters and head hunters.

We Save Our Clients Time And Energy

We save our clients time and energy by only putting forward candidates to interview who we know are great hires. Generally, SHI Group will put forward three candidates who we have vetted and know are great hires for each position.

recruitment process outsourcing china

Placement Examples

  • General Managers
  • Sales force
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Hard-to-find skilled labor


Why use Accuhire® China? 

SHI Group China does China Recruitment right. Our Accuhire® methodology offers many benefits, including improving your company’s time to hire, delivering talented candidates with character, and providing verifiable metrics for the hiring process. In fact, according to Staffing Industry Analysts, the two most common reasons that businesses go to outsourcing is to increase the speed and quality of candidates, and to help the organization gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. We can give you both with our deeply experienced team. 


Our Accuhire® Recruiting Process For China Businesses
SHI Group uses our 10 Step Accuhire® Process to deliver remarkable people for your business.

Initial Steps

  1. SHI GROUP works with client to gain a multi-dimensional understanding of the job requirements and worker that client desires.
  2. SHI Group discusses the recruitment strategy and assumptions with client to ensure alignment so the project has the maximum chance for success.

Recruiting Process

  1. Gain a deep understanding of client needs and who should be recruited.                                                           Discuss IP protection options together if relevant to hire.
  2. Send initial resumes after first week and get feedback from client.
  3. Recruit a pool of candidates.
  4. Client gives feedback on best of new resumes.
  5. SHI Group interview and recruit.
  6. Client determines who to interview and does interviews.
  7. SHI Group background check deeply.
  8. Develop and make an offer with client for the candidate
  9. SHI Group stays in contact as employee begins work and client takes over.
  10. Client enjoys new hire and SHI Group and Client do engagement wrap up meeting.

Our Accuhire® China Process is an incredible way to help your business in China grow.