Leadership is the most critical aspect for your China work.

China leaders are often top-down and act as if they are the only smart guy. But uncountable other fatal issues can also exist. Regardless of their fatal flaw, poor leaders have many ways to protect themselves, maintain their image, and cover up things they do not want you to know. This goes for Westerners as well as Chinese top leadership here.

But there are also those who are great leaders—by which we mean they are hands-on and get all below them to be hands-on as well. They recognize that everyone on their team is a genius in some way and they all put their full heart into the work. Good work is recognized and rewarded; bad behavior is dealt with.  People understand what is good work and how it can be done. Greatness and experimentation are encouraged in suitable ways. Learning is continuous. Data is gained, used, improved and never manipulated. Customers are found and served as all are working together.

Unfortunately, companies tend to hire people who are good talkers and can tell great stories. Great interviewees do not equal great leaders. Many great talkers have big gaps in leadership and know how to cover them up, so it takes a long time to spot them even after hired. This is especially difficult when they are overseas.

Most hiring managers have not gotten past their gut feel. If it feels right, then it must be right. This needs to be overcome. Factories have become very data driven and yet hiring is still deeply influenced by gut feel—with bad results. At high levels, the interviewees skills have been very refined, especially in manipulators.

We understand that the interview process is too limited, so we have developed ways to use the interview to set up the background check.  The background check is the solid data and the king of our process.  We will drive out 80% or more of the top leaders via the background check. The 20% we recommend to you are the gold that will take your business high.