Are you concerned about China Supply Chain Management Recruitment?  It is a deep but solvable problem. See what one owner said:

“When I am talking to suppliers in the US, I am kind and like the trips, but when I come to China, I have to be mean—and everything I hate being. I have to put on my tough game face.”

Yes, China Supply Chain Management is tough work and requires deep insight into the Chinese culture. By the way, always being tough is not a good path. Really, the wisdom to find the right person as your China Supply Chain Manager is deep water. These deeply Chinese Supply Chain Managers have many times the ability we Westerners do to understand and develop the suppliers.

Our business regularly searches out these kinds of people to face, find, and develop these China suppliers.

China Supply Chain Management Recruitment for Skills?

Sure, but this is just one piece. Who they are on the inside will also be critical and is too often overlooked. Most companies and recruiters only judge this by gut feeling. This position takes a special kind of person… and their experience also helps.

Many companies have too much hubris in the China market. I hear American managers say, “I have found good suppliers.” Sure, so what can a Chinese Supply Chain Manager do for you?

Actually, they can hurt you or help you if you find one on LinkedIn or from a friend. That is an extreme roll of the dice.  What kind of oversight can you bring? If the hire does not have great character, then the mud gets high quick. What will they be thinking? Do you have any idea?

The Chinese are raised to think differently than those of us from the West. Most Chinese people who see a ball fallen from a bike on the road will pick it up and think they are lucky. They would not feel a tinge of guilt. Children naturally consider ways to steal the apples from the neighbor’s tree. The adults laugh and think they are funny and praise them for being smart in doing it. They think how they could take the construction materials without getting caught. It is natural in China.  Chinese people see an un-locked bike and think if they can roll it away. If they succeed, they do not have any guilt. The Chinese culture says they got lucky. Not all Chinese are this way, but this is the baseline for the culture.

What can your hire teach you about China? A lot if that is they want to. What can they hide? A great deal. I even hear companies moan that they cannot fire their China Supply Chain Manager because they hold all the contacts. Then the tail wags the dog.

We opened a new website focused on this issue. Welcome to take a look here at our China SCM Recruitment Web Site.