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Hi, since I write this blog,  I want to give you a little information about myself.  Then,  you can know more about where I am coming from. See my short Bio below:

Jim Nelson graduated from West Point and later got an MBA in Global Economic Development focused on China.

He led a pager lamp factory supplying Motorola and an investment management company in the 90’s.

In the 00’s, he started a micro finance loan operation that became an industry standard for efficiency. He further led operations for a holding company with multiple and varied holdings in China leading to extensive experience especially in Western factory operations.

In the 10’s, he turned around a large failing Western auto part technology implementation and reorganized a Western information technology equipment solution provider to prepare it for sales to Fortune 500 companies. His focus on recruiting has led to extensive studies and experience in leadership, coaching, organizational development, six sigma, change management, and other pursuits all in China since 1991.

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