This China Business Leadership Blog Has 500 Posts!

China business leadership blogChina Business Leadership Blog started on December 12, 2010. A little more than 4 years later we have 500 posts. The blog is now called the China Recruiting Blog.

You can see in the categories that we have covered a lot of ground in the people space.

If you get inside, you can see from the very first we had a lot of interest in defending the gates of your company against a bad hire as they are hard to weed out once they get in.

China Business Leadership Blog Has a Lot of Content

The category is not called Recruiting. My category is Getting Good People. Lots of other thoughts become less important when you have ensured you have the right people. You need to ensure you do well  there, or you should be an individual contributor.

I also am interested in how candidates do once they get in your company and note skills and leadership issues like systems, motivating workers, and team development.

Under leadership, I list Being the Right person as the Be is always more important than the Do. Only great leaders can retain great people.  We can reduce turnover in a whole company by placing one great leader whose Be is what you needed and thus their Do will work.  We can make you good to the lowest level worker by training you how we get consistently good hires. Learning what we said about how to view resumes could be a first step for many.

Leadership is not primarily about skills, but about who you are deep within yourself. That is the measure of the leader that counts and we want you to reach there with us while we measure candidates for their Be as well as what they have done because of their Be.  a key skill of Leadership is coaching, so I list that category as well.

We are in China, so I talk about Chinese government and the culture here as well as the market that we came to reach,

I have a category about decision making as get to see bad decision making in my work all the time.

I do not know if you have noticed, but I enjoy writing this blog and only wish I heard from more of you. Do pass this blog on via Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. Welcome to come see us on these venues as well. At Linkedin, you can get a lot about us and our thinking as well.

Thanks for being here for our 500 post celebration. Welcome to do a jig or just take another look around at all the stuff in here.


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