Merry Christmas & 10 Years of China Recruiting Blog

10 years of China recruiting blogIn December of 2010, we started this blog.  I have now been blogging for 10 years. I started tweeting at the same time and have never done much with that, but I learned to love blogging and so became a faithful blogger and have up nearly 800 blogs! Really 10 Years of China Recruiting Blog.

In honor of this time, I link here below blogs from that first month ten years ago.

About the China Recruiting Blog

Really Listening

Getting Good Chinese Managers

Knowing Your Core Values

Yes, The Problem Is Us – Denial Hurts

The Company or Me

I love how they are usually timeless. In this month every one is as relevant today as it was then. I initially did not have pictures, but added them later. The content is all over the people issues in China business. I focused on recruiting as that was the key in my mind way back in 1997. If you hire the right Chinese people in China, then things go forward well.    If things are not right, it is often because the wrong people are on the team or even in the wrong chair.  I have followed this philosophy in starting and fixing factories I have GM’d. Used it successfully in a finance company I ran for 6 years and a consulting company I co-led. Finally, SHI Group runs well as we get the same trustworthy talent for ourselves as we do for our customers.   Paul Wang and I still run it together.

10 Years of China Recruiting Blog and Oldest Still Like New

Some companies say you should throw out old blogs. I think that is because what they write gets dated. To me,  I am glad that people can still get help when they search and fall upon this old content.  The principles are based on timeless ideas. Good people are invaluable to a business. Best people are not always so good at resume and interview. Best people at interview and resume are usually not as good in character and real work. Real work is more important than resume and interview. Leadership has several aspects, and is critical along with functional ability.

Merry Christmas to you all as we celebrate ten years of blogging and a bright future.

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