Australia RecruitmentAustralia is far away but definitely a Western Nation closely connected with the West. They are highly egalitarian, perhaps most egalitarian. They see each person has their worth and should have a go.  That is how Aussies see it. Such a great heart and such a great culture. This works well often, but in recruiting it often leads to a lot of trouble. So, we retooled to start Australia Recruitment.

Giving a go in recruiting can cost you your business or create debt you need years to resolve. It is very good to let people make their mistakes. Letting them have a chance to steal your customers is totally different. For failures in brave tries, you can be with your people. but guys who purposely work behind your back is not what you need.

Australia is a vast land, so getting around takes quite a bit. Getting to know the whole country is a vast undertaking. The varieties of climates is equally astounding. We served clients just from Brisbane and
Sydney and could see the different pace, temperature and time difference.

Sky cranes are very common in China, and also in Australia! Australia is on the move and a place to be in this era. Its base was and is mining, but they have not stopped there as some countries do. They have diversified and created a much more rounded economy. Only 3.7% unemployment means competition for top talent is high. Immigration is continuous in their multi cultural environment.

SHI Group Digs Deeper In Every Way to Get Complete Data

Our commitment to dig deep and keep at it is super valuable in this tight market. Candidates are lookingRecruitment agency Australia for a lot more than salary. We identified a top need to provide excellent recruiting of Servant Leader candidates with verified ability to inspire engagement and top performance. We interview such candidates for over 1 hour to really know their specific experience and how they came to be who they are.

We also seek to find deep, real data on candidates. Furthermore, SHI Group is also transparent with candidates about all we know about the company and the opportunity including the good and bad. We find that when both sides have more transparent and complete data, that better fit placements can be long term.

While Australia is nothing like Crocodile Dundee, you do need to beware in hiring, Fast talkers and deceivers are here as well as anywhere. Our goal to seek quality over quick placements puts us in a select few.

Australia Recruitment Now Has a Company Ready to Dig Deep

As a company, SHI Group digs down to where objective facts can be set against what’s on the resume and in the interview.

The differences between interview and facts are surprising us even 13 plus years later.

I started the journey to find Trustworthy Talent® in 1997, and by 2008, I had a whole package of ideas to make great hires at it had already become my hallmark. Then, I decided to look beyond the resume and interview, and we found a whole new world. The person we found that first time was lying so sent away. The purchaser who told the truth is still working for that company today, 15 years later.

In 2009 in the middle of the great recession, I started my company to do this for others and people who knew what I had done came and got us through that first year and more.

We have now found recruiters for the Aussie market that can adapt to a very different recruiting model to serve your needs.

We are glad to be your Australian Recruitment Agency to make sure every placement works.