Can foreigners find jobs in China?

The easy answer is yes, and I am one of them. However, it is a good question and worthy of more thought.
Most positions in China are for English teachers. Many foreign English teachers get trapped in this space, and cannot find how to get other work. Some people who are not really suitable for teaching English are still teaching English as English is the easiest path for native English speakers.

I have worked as an English teacher, Factory GM, Market Entry Consultant, Non-Profit Country Director, International Project Co-director, and Business owner.
So, I can say there is a lot of different work for Westerns in China. Let’s get beyond teaching English.

Others like myself get other positions but many find that the position is unstable as technology or leadership changes end the position. More than that, Western companies tend to indigenize. They start with more Westerners and then pare down to one or none. They tend to throw diversity out the window in China.  I write on the value of keeping expatriates in a China based enterprise. Good news is Western companies that indigenize often have regrets and bring some Western presence back.

Can Foreigners Find Jobs in China-You Bet
Westerners with sales ability are retained much more than those who do not. Westerners having important customer relations and driving sales are in a much stronger position long term than those providing general leadership. Furthermore, those who can sell, Chinese companies more and more hire them. Such hires are usually the only Westerners in those companies.

My experience is those who want to work long term in China do well to: 1. Learn sales, 2. Network and 3. Learn Chinese. Taking an interest in manufacturing is sometimes useful and engineers do have some advantages in keeping work in China especially if they can sell. Service industry work is gradually taking hold in China as well. So those opportunities do have space here.

The China Flexpat Podcast has a lot of thought on finding work in China. I did podcast #30 for them.
China has a good work environment and continues to grow economically. It is not easy to get good work in another country to include China, but it can happen. Nearly a million are in China.

Can foreigners find jobs in China?