China is Bigger Economically Than the Next Three Countries Combined!

China is biggerThe Weforum put up this cool graphic/map.. The article is worth reading as well as it talks about how growth in India and China will cause them to pass the Western countries in a short time. I was surprised to see that Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany together do not match China, and China leaves them farther behind each year.  

When I started working in China in 1991, people had one sweater and wore it the whole winter and year after year. In America in 1991, I could know someone by their car and in China by that sweater they wore every day all winter.  China was a poor country where people could not afford to buy meat let alone diapers.

China is Bigger Economically 

For example – China is now 5 times bigger economically than India!

China has changed so much in my 26 years here. Now you can know Chinese people by their car and not by their sweater anymore.

As I said a few years ago, Chinese international economic students in 1991 told me that China was buying things in the West now that could not be made in China and once they could make it themselves, then they would stop trading with the West. I told them that we do more trade with Europe then China as more similar to us. They refused to believe.   I told them they would buy more and more from the West, and they were incredulous.

Today Chinese international economic students are a lot stronger. They often know the trade growth figures. The US alone sold over $115 Billion in goods and services to China in 2016 which is nearly double what they sold to China in 2009. They nearly doubled what they bought just 7 years ago.

So China is a big and growing market for US and other Western goods and services recent weakness withstanding (when exports were stable but not growing). The future is more and more trade and more and more need for our products and services as similarities grow.  Welcome to China.

We can make sure you get the right people and sort out the 80% of Salesmen who lie to get their high paying job here. They found you get a better job by saying you sold US$5M rather than saying 500K RMB!

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