China is the Factory for the World – Look at How Busy


The picture above makes me feel China is the factory for the world… Looking at the top ten container ports below shows even more. 


Did you know that  7 out of the top 10 container ports in the world are in China?

  1. Shanghai, CHINA
  2. Singapore
  3. Shenzhen, CHINA
  4. Ningbo, CHINA
  5. Hong Kong (SAR), CHINA
  6. Busan South Korea
  7. Qingdao, CHINA
  8. Guangzhou, CHINA
  9. Dubai
  10. Tianjin, CHINA

China is the Factory for the World in our Generation.

The US and Japan are still manufacturing countries, but they have no ports in the top 10 now. 

I have lived in China a long time and like all of you, know that China is a manufacturing powerhouse, but I never imagined seeing this data. Do you need a part?  China has it. You can get it from a foreign company or from a Chinese company depending on your needs.  Do you need many parts? China will likely make them all. 

If you want the simplest and cheapest part in the world,. that may or may not be China now, but as you go for more sophistication, you get to China pretty quick. 

The US has 4 ports (like Long Beach and NY) in the top 50, and all together they do not ship as much as Shanghai. 

The signs on the road outside my office say weight limit is 40 Tons. All over town the weight limit is at least 30 tons and often 40 tons. How many roads in my hometown in the US can carry 30 or even 40 tons?

The infrastructure of China cannot be matched. Well, Japan is pretty good but older. All over Southeast Asia the sound of generators buzz as not enough power. China has grown faster than any of them, and the infrastructure keeps up. It is amazing.   

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