China recruitment firmThis China Recruitment firm was our first step into recruiting in the recruiting industry. It was here in 1997 I made my first decision to find trustworthy talent® and not just talent. There my reputation as a great recruiter and servant leader started. The success of that thought led to more successes where one guy said.

Most people seek success in business by strong systems to manage untrustworthy hires, you find true success by finding the right hires and empowering them.

That was in a finance company I led across three provinces and ten offices and never lost any money to fraud. The home office was also shocked how I became the benchmark for profitability while other office locked everything down and kept losing money. Lots of success here really empowered my growing process to get the right people the first time each time. We were so glad to work together and still are friends.

Then, I worked for a holding company that had several holdings in China.  Most were doing manufacturing. By throwing out the bums and finding and supporting new trustworthy leadership, I and the team I developed saved the biggest holding. Then, we restructured and placed carefully in the next troubled holding until it could function well.  Finally, the failing China HQ needed new blood and new leadership. I resolved this sticky problem and in the process put my last touches on my system to find the best each time.

China Recruitment Firm Together Got Better!China life

I left them and started my own China recruitment firm focused right here in China. As I empowered my team, I could see my process and grow in ways that I had not foreseen. Focus brought out so much more. I brought in a very strong 0-1 system, and the team then added 2-10. It was so much fun to serve Western companies just the way I wanted and see them saved again and again from the wrong hire. Then, find the right person who gave them life and took them forward. See more of our China Recruitment Agency Recruiter Thinking.

Our commitment to absolute transparency inside and outside the business was transformational. Recruiting companies are always careful not to ask one too many questions of candidates, so they do not know uncomfortable truths. We determined to dive right in and proved how bad some apparently good candidates were.  Some candidates that seem ho hum got better the deeper we look into their real work. Finding the diamond in the rough is one of our favorite activities.

We also found that at every level Western Businesses needed people who were teachable. This made sense for junior leaders and also makes sense for C-level hires. Every management hire had to have the heart to learn how the business made money and developed and worked. This subtlety helped us see so much more in senior candidates. Many senior guys are actually too much about themselves and their way. Now often Senior hires need to shakes things up. That does not mean they should not be learning from the lowest worker to the top to understand how things work. These kinds of leaders are fabulous and take companies far.

Great Leaders Have So Much to Offer

Have you ever noted how vulnerability in leaders makes things really grow? We did. Leaders say, “Hey, you are better then me at this. Show me how.”  or could say, “this was my bad.” Workers will died for such leaders. These leaders are not about proving themselves but about proving how great their people are.

We love finding the best leaders and leaders who are as transparent, teachable and vulnerable along with their other skills to make a company thrive.  China had these leaders and we knew the other places did too.

As much as we started here, we could also see how we could do this same business in other places. Thus, our Asia Pacific flag unfurled.