10 Things You Need to Hire a Finance Director in China

10 Things You Need to Hire a Finance Director in China

Many companies come to us for finding Finance Leadership. Whether it be Finance Managers, Finance Directors, Plant Controllers, or CFO’s, we are often the premium choice.  To Hire a Finance Director in China should not be like interview ten and hire one. The water is a lot deeper than that. More than 60% are lying to get the job offer.  If you are going on gut feel, then I recommend you hire a stupid Finance Director, so they will not be as smart about stealing your money.

Let’s focus on the Finance Director position-

and you can think up and down from there.

1. Strategic thinking on Finance and even business.

2. Good GAAP understanding (possibly even Sarbane-Oxley)  {may need Cost Accounting}

3.  Ability to work cross functionally and not collude

4.  Can hire, manage and train a Finance team and get them to work cross functionally

5. Trustworthy to the Core. Smart finance people can skim off quite a bit of money, and you may never know. Ask any recruiter how many candidates they have kicked out on their background check to know how useful their check is.

6. Deeply understands Chinese financial rules and possibilities

7. Understands value as well as cost control

8. Excellent detail ability

9. Understands the time value of money

10. Excellent communicator

I see most but not all companies can get the skills they need.  I see they miss on 3 and 5 the most. The character of the finance person is critical to the health of the company. Bad character makes them bad at teamwork and easily corrupted. Many are hated by the other departments as they are encouraged to by higher headquarters and that hurts the company in China badly.

Hiring managers also fail to see that great finance people can disappear quickly from the market. Then you just get the left overs.

What Do You Need in a Recruiting Company to Hire a Finance Director in China?

1. Can understand and care to understand your needs deeply

2. Knows how to dig up the right candidates

3. Knows them when they see them and can move fast

4. Can get the real data, so you can compare candidates

5. Will share all the data with you

6. Is not just after more money

I think most recruiters can handle point 2. A few have enough ownership to handle point 3.  Some are just point 6, but not too many. Deep gaps exist in points 1, 4, and 5. That leaves you in the dark. or wasting time.

In many cases, you are not from China or clear enough, and you need a recruiter who has ownership and can get you to the right hire at the right price. We are here to make that happen.


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