2023 Year of Economics Not Rabbit

2023 year of economics

Some of us have been sick of focus on politics as opposed to focus on economics. Seems China is back to its old path of focusing on economics.  Here is to 2023 Year of Economics!

China is a conservative country and has gotten rich consistently since 1991 when I arrived with a clear focus on economics. The last few years have seen the scale tip increasingly toward politics. Outside of ignoring the death toll from Covid-19 is regrettable.  However, China’s present moves to further fix the housing market, free up all Covid-19 restrictions and play nice at world meetings all point to a much stronger financial year for China.

We are friends with a handful of migrants from a poorer area of China. You can see the smiles with them as the economic stress starts to release. Ah yes, Light Beyond Covid in China.

Hurray for 2023 Year of Economics!

Our business is also picking up as another sign of increase in activity here. My company has seen slow downs in the early days as we needed to focus more on recruiting. It then had some slow down when we needed to move from business via old friends who knew my recruiting from before we started the business to digital marketing and new connections. This recent slow down was completely external as China shot itself in the foot repeatedly.  I could understand why many of our customers had to slow down and be more careful.

Now, we are glad to see movement again with confidence returning. We just need to go along with the Chinese growth. We are glad to get busier again to get Trustworthy Talent® to help you grow your businesses.

One benefit of present high unemployment in China is it is a good time to hire. We have been seeing more and more candidates who can begin work right away as are out of work. I really do not believe China had 3% growth last year. This year will surely be better than last year.

Finally, unusually, the Chinese Balloon also appeared in this year of Economics.

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