A Word Against Bad Advice for Recruiting for China

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Good resume Good interview. Enough?

Recruiting for China must improve if we are to do well here in China. Forbes gives advice that is a bad idea here and in the West.

Here is Forbes main points.

The only three true job interview questions are:

1.  Can you do the job?
2.  Will you love the job?
3.  Can we tolerate working with you?

This is insightful, but I cannot fully agree.  See their whole thing here.

I cannot bear their point number 3.  Should we tolerate anyone on our team? US companies have lost countless Millions of Dollars in China following advice just like this.

How about, “Are you aligned with our mission, vision, values and goals in a way that will energize all that is right on our team?”  That is too long, but I hope you get my drift.

The writer notes and we all know that we need to dig deep and three questions are meant for framework. We ask 50 or more in an interview for example. We never think tolerate.

Recruiting for China Can Solve Your Problem

You need force multipliers on your team and not people who drain life from the team.

I know it is hard to know why you dislike some Chinese manager and how you could do better. You need a guide you can trust on these people matters, and they should be leaders and not HR people.  Chinese HR people only think of cost and cannot see value in 99 out of 100 tries. They say they can handle these people matters, and the result is usually not pretty. You need a recruiter who knows how to think about character in recruiting talent. See also Executive Recruitment in China.

We never send you someone who you should tolerate, and you should not allow it to occur on your team. Some people you dislike, but you are wrong.  Then you need to change your attitude.  That small voice that says this person is harming the whole needs attention. Research and see if data proves out your sense.  You should move in weeks and not months or years to lower your own losses. Better days can come. Recruiting for China is not for hobbyists, but it can be done very well.


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