For Employment Candidates – a Needle in a Haystack

employment candidates

Each placement is a needle in the haystack

We see lots of recruiting companies that list boldly where employment candidates can submit their resumes. Some recruiters also list active positions they are searching for at this time and often showing hundreds of positions which will certainly draw a lot of resumes. At recruiting companies that list hundreds of positions, most if not all of the positions do not even exist.  They just put many positions up to fool big companies into thinking they are a successful recruiter. Some are more insidious postings.

We know that all this wastes employment candidate time and energy. Candidates should not be led on this way. If a company could get qualified people in their industry to apply at their site, they would not give it to outside recruiters.

Employment Candidates Have Hope of Being Found

We post positions on job boards, and we almost never recommend those people who apply. We have no bias against, but companies are looking for something very specific that candidates cannot really imagine. They are highly unlikely to be the needle in the hay stack.

SHI Group fills positions only by hundreds of hours of digging up and convincing very specific passive candidates to apply. Just putting up digital requests does not cut it. We put real and talented people on the phone and sending emails and invitations to understand, inform and warm up passive candidates.

Randomly sending us your resume will rarely help you at all. We probably will not look at it.  If we need your skill for our clients, we will find you. Then, we will get to know you deeply and be glad to tell you about the company culture you are looking at if you seem a match. We will want an updated resume at that time. Sending one for us to store is no use as you best think of the shelf life of a resume in weeks.

Better Thoughts for Employment Candidates

When I was young, people in authority told me to make resumes 1 or 2 pages long but never 3.  In the internet age, if you post on some platform, then use a long resume. Your goal is to be found and to be found you need more possible keyword connections. It is hard to say what is needed, so write more and give some important speciifics like how much you sold.  You could have a shorter version you sent to specific companies.  Take a look at my LinkedIn for an example of the long form. The long form helps us find you.

Our goal is to respect and care for all candidates and not have you apply for non existent positions. We will find you when we have places that suit what you bring to the table, so you do not have to pretend.  We find you places where you can fly.

You can be glad when we reach out to you as we have seen something that makes us think you have a chance. If we post a position and you think you fit it, apply immediately and we will get back to you quickly if you have anything like that they need. It is still a needle in the haystack moment, but at least a real position you may be sending us a resume to a very small haystack.  We dig them up.

We hope we need you soon and will be in touch.


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