Alibaba as an Honorable Example in China

honorable example in China baopalsI watched a Youtube video of three Americans who started a business in Shanghai helping Westerners access Taobao.  They mentioned one thing that helped me see Alibaba as an honorable example in China to the world.

I am not super knowlegable about Alibaba. Jack Ma, a founder of Alibaba infamously said Chinese people are great as work 996, meaning 9-9 6 days a week. Many many Chinese people hated him for saying this.  Alibaba was also caught falsifying lots of data. Here I want to note something honorable they did.

An Honorable Example in China

Baopals is a growing American start up in Shanghai doing software to help Westerners access Taobao on line shopping without knowing any Chinese. Alibaba is a Fortune 100 company that owns Taobao. Baopals lived in fear of Alibaba finding out what they were doing and then burying them by doing it with Alibaba’s infinite war chest. They waited on Alibaba to call them and say, “Sell your Baopals business to us, or we bury you.” One day Alibaba did call them and said, “We hear you are doing software to help people access our site in English….” Baopals heart sunk then they heard Alibaba say, “That’s great! How can we help you?”  Baopals could not believe their ears. Alibaba wanted to give them life.

Not a lot of Fortune 100 companies in the West could say that to a company like Baopals. This Chinese company did even though these guys were American.     That is laudable.

We can look down on Chinese companies if we want. Many of then have done dishonorable things in our eyes. However, they are a mixture of good and bad even like many many Western companies.

Honorable People Can Be the Standard For You in China

This is to say, China has great business people who will do the honorable thing. Would you like to have them working for you? They are working for many of our clients.

They do the honorable thing to customers suppliers and employees, and street sweepers. I cannot say every placement we make reaches perfectly that far, but we are always looking for them and gladly kick out all the people who are about dirty tricks. See also Chinese Cultural Strengths That We Can Use.

Congratulations to Baopals. Take a look at the Youtube video where they describe how they started. May they prosper in the niche they went to grasp here in China. We are glad to prosper in our niche of finding Trustworthy Talent® for Western Companies active in China.  We did not sell to the big recruiter that called us either.


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