Anything Goes and Just Do It

Anything Goes and Just Do It

This is old news, but wanted to comment on a New York Times Best Selling Book that got pulled from the shelves because the author lied about the quotes he had gotten for the book. Remember Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer? Read about it here.  Reading that book, I would never have imagined that the Dylan quotes were creatively imagined.  It is best to say he totally and sometimes partially lied. Anything goes really meant anything goes.  Creativity is easier if you can lie indeed.  Most hiring managers also do not realize how convincingly candidates can lie.

America is a nice country. Guys can claim to have quotes from Bob Dylan that support their thesis, and people can gun them down.  However why no system to check?  Lehrer has talent but did not bring enough character to the table, and no one checked that either. See more on the impact in China Hiring at China Recruiting for Trustworthy Talent®.China Recruitment Agency

If only business people pulled the plug on the 2008 housing crisis earlier. Anything Goes and Just do it need oversight. Companies work better when people have freedom to use all their creativity, but we should not tempt people.   This goes double for China.

Weak systems for checking tempt the free spirits to go too far. We can trust our people and have a system with checks that catch people doing right. Then we will not have books with fabrications so often. It also is a big help to keep the politicians out of your company all together, Did you know that in interviewing, we want the candidates to have done great things as that means they can help our company and that makes us more vulnerable to accept their lies as real.  See our China Background Check for Real Data or Checking a Box?

Anything to add?

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