Apollo 11 A Giant Leap, But Moral Problems No Change

Apollo 11 A Giant Leap, But Moral Problems No Change

In 1903, the Wright brothers took flight and 50 years ago this week in 1969 Neil Armstrong stepped down on the moon. Now, we are thinking about going to Mars and creating AI. Human development has reached astounding heights. However, our moral issues have not changed. The problems seen in texts that are thousands of years old describe moral problems that are completely relevant today. Since our moral problems have not changed, recruiting is a big challenge. Let’s commit to a big step in recruiting.

Recruiting has myriads of problems that keep it from being excellent for most.

recruiting is a big problem

What Next Step?

Companies do not tell the whole truth to candidates. Furthermore, Candidates do not tell the whole truth to Hiring managers. Mixed results are the natural outcome.

Solving Product Problems is Easier

At least when you are trying to solve a product problem, the product has no dynamic moral problems that make it harder. Your own organization and even possibly your own moral problems are always in play, but recruiting is double trouble.  No progress in human honesty is projected in recruiting.

As Moral Problems Have No Change…

It means we need to be more open with candidates, and we need to look a lot more closely at candidates. SHI Group can see that one advancement is that candidates have gotten more skilled at hiding the awkward truth over time.

We need to interview and write down our doubts. Hiring managers should not interview, doubt, and refuse a candidate. Your doubt may be an unconscious bias. Given the climate, we need to use the interview to set up the background check. Real data is the key. See also China Scams are Up and Quality is Down.

With this shift in thinking and break through in methodology, we reached to over 95% good to excellent hires. That gives our efforts a very high ROI.

So while the technology of the world continues to climb, moral problems do not decrease. We can adapt and solve the age old problem of hoping to get lucky on recruiting.  Then we can see recruiting become a much more sure event.


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