Are High Pressure Interviews Best or Not?

high pressure interviewHigh pressure interviews should be reckoned as history.

Unfortunately some managers think they can squeeze the truth out of a candidate like toothpaste. They use what we call the machine gun method. By giving the candidate extreme pressure and no time to think, they believe they can get to the truth.

SHI Group,  on the other hand, sees certain kinds of personalities who are the best at handling such intense interviewers. You could use the machine gun to hire people to work on a hectic stock exchange or certain high pressure job placements that live in a flurry of action and pressure. Truthfully, even the US Marines do not interview new recruits by machine gun interview.  After they accept recruits, they build up their tolerance on the job. It is a kind of skill to face the heat.

So the machine gun is a kind of extreme solution that rarely is useful in learning what those companies want.

Each company has a choice whether to interview in an atmosphere of fear or a state of safety. We think the very safest interview is stressful as it is an interview.

We find that once candidates sink into fear then they close down and give no sensitive information.  They only share information they deem safe or positive.

So any step towards the machine gun we find to be the wrong path for getting the whole story out of a candidate. If the candidate feels free and easy, they can say a lot and reveal more to you.

High Pressure Interviews Push Against Your Goal

Under a lot of pressure we think even normally forthright people start to be self protective. you need candidates to choose to be brave and vulnerable so you can see the real person, That is what you want. So give them a full chance to come forward and say even when they were wrong or failed. You need people who can do that. It is not easy for anyone. Those who can are valuable people that you should consider closely.  (In another sense we ask if perfect interviewing can achieve perfect hires.)

You need an ever day person, someone who can bring their whole self to work each day to do a good job for your company. You need someone who can say the whole truth about what happened at his last company, but doing that is not every day work. It is stressful, help them get there so you can know and they can be better people.

In summary, don’t kill candidates unnecesarily.  Further do not make it harder to get the whole truth by creating extra pressure  High pressure interview skills are not the key to most actual jobs. Gil Winch did a great TED talk unpacking this question. He could be a candidate to work for our company.  Listen to hin to get more on this topic.




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