Attracting Candidates is Critical Work

attracting candidates is criticalAttracting candidates is critical and tough work.  Attracting the best candidates can be even harder. It has many aspects.

One is cold calling passive candidates by some means and developing enough trust to get a hearing from the candidate.  The next step is getting them to give an updated resume. All of these require warmth and trust.

Here is often where the critical step in bad hire occurs. Recruiters in a panic to get movement on a candidate will tell certain lies to the candidate that can get them to move forward.  Great culture, great package, fabulous bonus, and great boss are among the things candidates like to hear and recruiters like to satisfy.

Attracting Candidates is Critical and Hard

Beyond this, it takes a great deal of effort to warm up some candidates, and the temptations to offer too much get worse. I heard about a company that told the head hunter to verify all finalists will be background checked. The company flew the guy from Shenzhen to Suzhou. He walked in the door, and the GM asked if he was open to background check.  The candidate started screaming that he had explicitly told the recruiter no one could touch his background.  They sent him home to Shenzhen.  Both the candidate and the company were upset.  The recruiter may not have planned this debacle, but perhaps felt too hard and just hoped the company would not pursue this ‘detail’.  Guess he did not want to offend the candidate but wanted to give the company a candidate.

The transparency of a company also attracts candidates. If they feel they are getting the whole story, they feel much better about applying or at least they know better if it is a good fit.

Furthermore, they are deeply impacted by what they hear from coworkers about interviewing and working in your company. Who you are is critical. If you cannot be transparent about who you are or are unaware of how candidates are treated. then what you do not know may hurt your efforts to place good talent a lot.  Read also about employer branding.



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