Bad Hires are Poison- Let’s Not Drink It

bad hiring is poisonous

I guess we all know bad hires are poison implicitly but try to ignore it or feel resigned to it. Given my personality and background. I was not one to ignore any elephant in the room.   My first business leadership experience was leading a factory start up in Tianjin. I faced  bad hiring straight on.

One of the owners tried to help me by sending over people from another venture. One tried to get me to hire her sister who was line supervisor at a business making cups. The business went bankrupt as too many cups got stolen. I wondered what the line supervisor told was doing when the cups went out the back door. The other promised to get me a checking account faster if I gave him a big wad of money in cash. I dod not allow poison.

I recruited the only Chinese person I knew in China who I could verify had no secrets.   He helped me parse the character problem as he did not want to work with any untrustworthy people either.

The team we created was the best manufacturing team I have ever known.  None if us will ever forget the dynamics among us, and the success of what we did.

Bad Hires Are Poison, and We Keep Them Away

I have also seen the poison in many companies in China and done clean up on many as well. The sickening looks when lower level people do not dare to say how bad they are treated as need this job to feed their family.   The look when such people leave work and feel that they can breath a little again is not forgettable.  Meetings at work that are more like games take the life out of people. One management level poisonous person can make all worker engagement dissolve, and the best workers physically leave as soon as they can find a new place. It is sad to see. Some western owners actually blame China when it is just bad hiring to blame.

I learned a lot since that first factory. We guarantee we can fix and prevent such problems. In fact,  I started this company to rid you of bad hiring and help you reach to a greater day in China. We know how, and do it every day.

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