Being and Having the Right Hiring Managers China

Being and Having the Right Hiring Managers China

Good people come to the right people.

Being the right person is a good way to get the right people. If you are complicated, then complicated people will tend to come to you. If you are straight forward, then straight forward people will want to work for you. They will often flee or quietly despise the complicated.

Complicated/Tricky people also want to manipulate simple people and anyone they can. So, be careful as to why you trust people. Our normal clues like someone going out of their way to help us will not get us real data in China. China manipulators have learned all the tricks to show you they are the one you can trust. They do often seek to work for the simple as can trick them more easily. Cross culturally, few can pick up the right messages.

If you work hard and research deeply, you can get people who are worthy of your trust, and they may be able to help you find the rest if trained.

Having the Right Hiring Managers China

In a start up, where I was the first person hired, I hired a capable and truly trustworthy man and made him my 2d in command.

He hated tricky people and guarded our door from those people. Further, good people came to our factory start up just because of him. They wanted to work for this man who wanted to work hard and have his yes mean yes. It built a no politics culture.  A good team developed around him and volume production and high quality product followed. So getting the right first hire is critical. Training them to think about more than skills is also important. See 6 Ways of Doing Business in China.

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cleaning house in a business harder than this job

Being the right person and having the right people be hiring managers can build a good team for you in China. If you are complicated and therefore hire complicated people, you better lock the door. A lot of inefficiency will surround you and risk lives there, but you can also build a business. You may want to clean house later.

The people you have as leaders are also serving as hiring managers. Are they the right managers for being your right hiring managers China? You can have HR teach them some interview skills, but are they the right people to be interviewing for your company in China? Who they are will be more important than their skills.

House Cleaning After Having the Wrong Hiring Manager

House cleaning your own house also means what is inside you and your hiring managers.  That will be the most important thing in cleaning house. Who you are and who they are is the best way to attract the right people.  You can always fire the wrong hiring manager who made the mess, but you also need to think how you need to change. Or how you need to change your process so it does not happen again.  See 11 Things You Need for Excellent Executive Search China

To reach high for any period of time, simplicity of yes means yes is a better base, and getting the right start is worth the effort and expense to get there.


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