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best hires for best priceThe Holy Grail of hiring is best hires for best price. First off you need honest recruiters in a few ways.

One of those ways is to not just promote the most expensive candidates. That is often a risk as a recruiter earns more money on bigger placements.

We solved this by paying recruiters for work that gets the best hires for the lowest price. We are happy to propose a cheaper candidate to undercut the candidate we already proposed.  SHI Group recruiters see the right hire as the way to help you win. If the right hire is cheaper, we tell you that is the right person.

Another way you need honest recruiters is getting recruiters who care to hold down the expectations of candidates rather than pump them to get the budget maximum.

I see these as the minor risks, but they do exist, and we have stamped them out completely.

The next risk is deeper water. Recruiters will work with candidates to get then hired. This is a huge problem in contingency recruiting.  When recruiters only get paid for placements, the gloves come off and anything goes. This puts the recruiters secretly against hiring managers and it is very hard to get the best hire for the best price. See also What Recruiter Do You Want?

Best Hires For Best Price or the Opposite?

The next risk makes our head swim. Recruiters teach candidates how to change their resumes to make them attractive to hiring managers meaning making unattractive gaps and weak assignments go away at the same time. This leads to apparent long and growing length of stay at the best companies even though that was not the case. These hires are both more expensive and much lower quality. This is the very worst outcome, and it happens often and most often at high level positions. How else do you think politics grows at companies? See also You vs the Candidates and Recruiters.

The best recruiting and best outcomes come from having insightful and diligent recruiters dedicated to finding the best candidates at the best price. They seek this outcome by partnering with hiring managers to seek real data and important insights to get the best hire each time.

SHI Group is totally on that path and love to work in this space for the benefit of our clients.  The best candidates also like to work with us as we tell them the whole story about you to achieve the best match. See also right fit hiring in China.

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