Best Hires For the Best Price Part II

best hires for best priceDid you know that the best companies hire people for the best price? How do they do that?

By hiring the very best leaders, they are able to hire the best subordinate leaders at better prices. Nobody wants to work for an ogre or fast talker and some who kisses up and kicks down.

People ask for a premium to work for bad companies. We see this again and again. People work loyally and hard for the best leaders.

Best Hires For the Best Price Undone or Fixed?

They resign from and reject the bad leaders and that leads to more and more recruiting costs. We got involved company that was badly managed and we got them a new GM to make things well. Well, at the same time we got them a gem of a GM, they had an international recruiter place a smooth talking China based Asia director over this GM. So, within a few months, the great GM was gone and so was the next and the next GM. See also China GM recruitment 10 Ideas to Do Better.

If this company had not placed an Asia Director via an international recruiter, the first or the second GM would have made them a ton of money and brought n better and better talent at better and better prices.

Instead, they brought in worse people at higher prices. It was sad to watch.

The right leaders need to time to right the ship. It takes some time to change a business from a reputation of being a bad place to work, but the reputation does change and better hires at a better price do come to work.

Now the right leader does not push down salaries and force people to beg to get in. He is fair and just, but advantages do come as the right leader digs in. leaders. See also Recruitment Agency Headhunting thinking at our US site.




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