Better Chinese Hire Productivity in the Digital Age

Better Chinese candidate hiringI recently read a book called Reclaiming Conversation:  The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. The author, Sherry Tuckle, notes that it undermines our relationships, creativity, and productivity. China is not immune.  Can we get better Chinese hire productivity in this era?

A first loss is conversation ability. Conversation is valuable as it builds meaning and creates connections in the mind. My wife has often told me to stop texting and pick up the phone and call. Then go farther and do a face to face. I love her push because I also succumb to the digital age.

It has quite a pull. The result of digitization is the whole world is losing discussion ability.  Not having enough discussions is leading to an empathy gap according to Sherry’s research. It further deeply harms our ability for self reflection.  Empathy is an ability to see and feel what another person feels. Do you want people working for you to a lack empathy? Getting it leads to better Chinese hire productivity.  The digital age may lead the world in a bad way,  but our businesses can dodge that.

We Can Get Better Chinese Hire Productivity and More

The good news is not everyone has lost ability to converse. Many self-reflect and can see others and not just their own surface needs.  Relationships, creativity, and productivity come as benefits of empathy and self reflection.  While we will not succeed by asking people how much on line time they have each day,  we ought to understand that new risks and problems are emerging and only a long interview with a real background check will consistently identify the geniuses of this age. See also Recruitment Agency China Needs Great Thinking infographic for another perspective.digitallly wise

I read another book called The Tech Wise Family. It was a good one to go with Reclaiming Conversation.  My key take away from Tech Wise is they said to not use your phone as an alarm clock in the morning, but rather buy an alarm clock.  Not touching my phone till after breakfast has given me a better life.  May we find lots of candidates who have found more and more ways to live a good life. This is central to being relationally, creatively, and productively stronger one hire at a time.


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