Better Decisions with Better Information

better hiring with better informationI may sound like a broken record, but my heart is we need better decision-making. I want you to make great hiring decisions. We all make better decisions with better information. SHI Group has found how to put that into action. That is a key part of our genius.

Let’s see what Google founder Sergey Brin said,

“One thing we know is people make better decisions with better information.”

Well, I think we all know that. First, what are the costs and benefits we are facing?

How much does a great hire help you?

How much does a good hire help you?

Or how much does a bad hire cost you?

By looking at this from an ROI basis, it seems we need to do more to get great hiring.

Better Decisions With Better Information is a No Brainer

To actually up our game, SHI Group saw we needed information to know the truth about a person’s employment history as opposed to their private life. You should not have false information when making a hiring decision because it makes for bad hires. But, it happens all the time. 95% true and 5% false could be the backstabbing that cost the candidate their last job. You need to know about that. We would know that it happened and want to know why it happened. Not all candidates who got fired are bad future hires. Interestingly, the details count. Everyone will fail in certain circumstances that trigger us. (Decision Making and the Papa John’s Effect) Let me tell you a military story to illustrate.

Before U.S. Grant became the General that won the Civil War, what happened in his previous assignments? He had gotten depressed in California with the Army and showed up on duty drunk. The Army forced him to resign. Then, he tried farming and totally failed. He tried some other investments and failed each time. Finally, he could only get a job as an assistant in his brother’s business. Then the Civil War started.

The Army hired him as a soldier again, and he saved the Union.  From his resume and interview, no one would hire him. However, he was a great hire. I  The details count. SHI can get that deep and find great hires that will make all well in your case as well.

The 5% that does not come out in the interview is precisely the information that you need but does not come out in the ‘normal’ process or ‘normal’ background check. Take a look at our US site video about how we empower hiring managers with right data. Then, let us help you be a hero.


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