Better Hiring Practices So Valuable

better hiring practicesThe world is filled with bad hiring.  Here, I write how to really have better hiring practices.

Need is the first issue. Whether you need better bench strength or have growth or want to replace someone, need is the first step.

Job descriptions are next and people often go too far on these. Some people have candidates sign the JD to verify their responsibility.  In truth, you need three main things a person can do for you. You may need some background or qualifications. No one can verify 20 items, but if you searched for all 20 items successfully, that person almost certainly is not the right hire for you sadly enough. Adjustment is needed

If successful to here, you may need a recruiter, or if you have a great recruiter like us, we can help you build a JD on the phone.

Search is a profession of its own. It takes a certain kind of a person to take it on and not give up. SHI Group gets and retains those recruiters. Given our totally different recruiting model, we hire no recruiters with recruiting experience.

Better Hiring Practices Has Many Aspects

The first contact is always critical and is important in passive candidates which is about all we provide.

We always have the same person working with the candidate, so they can get to know this person from the first contact till they start work. It involves several hours with the candidate.

We do not ask any what if questions and do not ask candidates to theorize. Anyone can spout a theory. Few can do it, and what people do is valuable and checkable.   SHI Group asks experiential questions and a ton of them finding curiosity to be a powerful way to learn more.

Never succumb to over selling the position. Gaining the right expectations is critical to any good long term hire.

A long term job is always working on your Employee brand including what recruiters you have touch your candidates.

Doubt everything. Check everything. Anyone can say anything in the internet age and people do. We must be prepared to check everything people claim they did. It is a ton of work, but so worth leading to our over 95% placement success.

Really Listening is one I like a lot.

Looking forward to helping you find great placements in China and the US.


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