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resumes lie better interviewing in China

Better interviewing in China would make the world of work here a better place, so let’s take a look.

Interviewing utilizes the principle:

Past experience is the best predictor of future outcome

If a candidate has always been hands on in his or her work, then he will likely be so in his work with you.

If a candidate merely says that is the best way, that accounts for nothing. Anyone can talk a good theory, but few can live it out.

Thus, you may hear about experiential interviewing.  SHI Group diligently implements this.

So a first goal is to learn what the candidate says he or she did. Ask everything that is in you heart and do not hold back. We call our interview a curiosity interview

The next goal is to see how he learns. Does he always learn on his own, or does he find and use mentors?  How does he make decisions and grow in his work? Is he thankful?

Better Interviewing in China Needs More Thinking

Candidates are nervous in the interview. They tend to be on stage and attempt to perform. None of this helps you find out who they really are. You need to help them feel safe. Most interviewers cause the opposite and must fight themselves to work to create safety for the candidate. Curiosity is a great way to create safety.

Curiosity leads you down rabbit holes to learn in detail how they solve problems and work.  Candidates like to talk about themselves. Help them to be comfortable telling you their stories without any embellishments.  You know you are doing well if he or she can vulnerably say what they failed in.

Always find out in detail how, why and when they changed jobs. This is a vulnerable place, and they need enough safety. You want them to tell you the truth and most are not prone to do that. If they get the job by telling you the truth, they can feel brave to tell you the truth in awkward times when they work for you.  Reach for this.

The very best interview technique cannot guarantee a good hire, but it is a step in the right direction. We take our doubts from the interview and go background check them and more. That guarantees a good hire.

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