Bias and Recruiting

bias and recruitingBias and recruiting is usually an unspoken problem. I want to take a look at it today. Sad news is everyone has some unhelpful bias whether we believe it or not. So, does recruiting have to have some permanent problem?

I am biased toward people who use servant leadership. For some rare customers that is not helpful, and we have to seek the core data the customer wants. However, despite my good eye for talent, I sometimes choose a candidate, and later the background check shows I misread that person.   My unwritten bias likely blinded me a little. That gap could cost us a lot.  Everyone has such hidden biases that lead to bad choices and confusion in recruiting.

We developed our system to pare down the tendency toward bias. We often come to our customer and tell them the candidate they really like actually was just good at interviewing. The background check with its objective data is very convincing.  It saves our customer from a bad hire.

Bias and Recruiting Does Not Have To Leave us Hopeless

Further, some candidates who appear as B candidates shine in the background check, and the data shows that anyone who hired him or her reaped great rewards. While our thinking helps us find candidates that others overlook, the background check helps push us forward in a way that clears our biases and gets us to the right hire again and again.

I say again, we often have biases that we are aware of and know how to handle. Unfortunately, we are complicated people inside, and we all have hidden biases that hurt us in recruiting.   We started SHI Group to make the world safe for our biases. Finally, the guard rails and guideposts we added make it all work out well time and again in our China recruitment agency.


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