Breaking the Recruiting Rules

breaking the recruiting rulesMany people learn recruiting rules along the way. At SHI Group you can find us breaking the recruiting rules to get you better talent and more talent.

One rule is get resumes with no gaps in employment

Every rule has its own reasons. People believe that good people are universally known and will never be out of work. Good hires are thought to have infinitely high EQ to handle bad bosses.   Might I add that some of those high EQ people are very manipulative, and some of them are the worst politicians you can hire.  Few workers have infinite connections with bosses in competing companies. What percentage of bosses are good to work for? In any industry or location there are a finite number of open jobs, and so some people may be out of work for longer times. This is not a good measure of good hires.

Another is to get resumes of people who start working changing jobs more, but then take longer and longer assignments progressively.

We see mergers and bad bosses put middle and high level hires in awkward places that lead any good hire to leave. Then businesses pretend to be great and so the next job proves to be a bad fit.  Then, it is even harder for the candidate to find a job. This does not show a bad worker, but a great hire who has been harmed.

One rule is to have short resumes

In an effort to be found candidates are learning to use more words, so they can be found. You have found these candidates because they used more words to help you find them by keywords. You can ask for an updated more focused resume and many times candidates can do that, but the long one does say a lot you may want to see.

Some feel 15 minutes should be enough to know a candidate

You hope to employ people for many years. Anyone can fake for 15 minutes. We do over an hour and still background check every candidate.

Some feel good leaders say they know implicitly who to hire from the resume and interview.

As mentioned, this is our profession and after 90 minutes talking to a candidate, none of us is brave enough to say if this would be a great hire.  Only after a deep background check would any of us have confidence to send you someone we recommend to hire.

Breaking the Recruiting Rules is OK For SHI Group

This is only because we are digging much deeper, so you can know if the gaps in this resume are a bad sign or a good sign. You do not need gimmicks when you have found the real data.


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