Business Development in China Needs More

business development in ChinaBusiness development in China is great for the bottom line if the right people are working for you. Distributors have many products so cannot focus on yours in almost all cases.

Worse yet, is when you hire someone who can, they are not who you thought you hired. To get it right takes more effort than most companies have. So, most companies use hubris to tell themselves they will be ok. Some companies get lucky. You hope you do as well. Is that the way to run the business?

Other companies throw their hands in the air as think all Chinese people are tricky. Others say they have no other way to be sure than interview and guess if they are who they say they are. See also Digging Deeper in Recruiting.

Business Development in China Feels Like Deep Water

As soon as you think about what is really in the resume and whether it is true that he or she sold US$10M last year, a sigh can come from your deep gut.

Many times, our customers find it hard to believe that Sarah lied about making new sales when we prove she only did account management.  Often, we have to provide further documentation before they can finally see that the perfect candidate was only good at interview. An ancient prophet says:

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?

That describes how we ourselves have a lot about ourselves that we do not understand. How do we hope to understand our China candidates? We found that what we could do is develop and faithfully use a rigorous recruiting model that can weed out those who cannot be what they say they are.

The good news is we find that works, and 12 years later we have a lot of data to show that it works. We do not have to live we with disappointment or hope to get lucky.  A better way exists.


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