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business politics

Get leaders who get people to pull together

Business politics is epidemic and causes huge loss of engagement across all industries. The first step to combat this is to keep those who manipulate out of the organization.

Business Politics Starts With Bad Hiring Practices

We see lots of hiring managers and many think they are great at interviewing even though they talk to a candidate who will get paid over 500,000 RMB for 20 minutes and make an offer. Others interview for 10 minutes and say no. They feel so impressed with their ability.They then do not listen to us who have spent 5 hours making sure this candidate is who they say they are. Interestingly, interviewing an hour is stronger, but without reseaeching after the best politicians will get in.

Many hiring mangers say, What do other guys know?  They say “I have hired lots of people this way, and it works pretty good”

And then they pay the head hunter a mitt full of money, and that head hunter just interviewed 10 minutes. Part of the difficulty is All Chinese People Are Trained Politicians!

Do you wonder why engagement in companies is dismally low in the West and worse in China, (17% engagement in China) If you unwittingly hire people who then are business politicians in your organization, then you are the cause of politics in your midst.

Many of the 17% engaged are actually working against the company, so they are engaged but wrongly. They are often the most active building their own empire.

Gallup has an article up on engagement of leaders in Asia you can find here. They note that leaders in Asia do not feel supported by their leaders. Result is that they are disengaged.

Good leaders exist. Good hires in each function exist. It takes effort to get there. Either outsource to us who dig deep or do it yourself. Actually, the best is we do it together.

Business politics does not have to be epidemic if we cut it off at its primary source. That is in you, the owners hands, and we are here when you decide to make the big move.

Let’s make the world of work a better and more productive place.

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  1. sacri69 April 25, 2016

    I have two observations to add. In my many years in business, I have only rarely got phone calls from HR people taking references on anyone who has worked for me, this indicates a lack of homework. I have had so many different people working with me over the years. Does anyone actually bother taking references?
    The other observation is that I have been given company mandated or voluntary training in many different subjects over the years but never has interviewing been a subject offered or even mentioned. It seems to be taken for granted that it’s an easy skill.
    I agree that bad hiring is rife, smooth talking and confidence are prized above integrity and thoughtfulness – hesitation or uncertainty at interview is seen as a weakness. What’s worse is that bad decisions are compounded. A bad hire is often supported because the decision maker doesn’t want to take responsibility for the mistake.

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