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business thinking China recruitersDo you want business thinking China Recruiters?  It might surprise you that I have no one working for me here that has worked for other recruiting companies. I consider their recruiting experience to make them unqualified to work for us.

To begin, I started this business hoping to really help businesses we serve and not just hope to get lucky. I had no recruiting company experience, but rather a recruiting system I developed myself leading businesses here in China.  Our focus is on understanding businesses and how their business model works, so we can find them the hidden gems in the market that truly are the best match for them.

More than just understanding business. I personally find and embolden my recruiters to tell you everything they know about the candidate.  Additionally, I inspire them to use everything in their power to find out the truth about candidates.  I could not have us do recruiting any other way than how I would do it for myself to get the right people.

At the same time, I would want to treat candidates well and give them information on the company to help them make a good decision. That is certainly how I would want to be treated as a candidate. It also protects our clients employer brand name.

Glad to Have Business Thinking China Recruiters?

Because this is about being a business really helping customers be great, and not being a benchmark recruiting company,  it is also a great place to work. They get rewarded for bringing the customer the bad news. The bad news  is the candidate was not telling the truth, and we found proof.  The right potential recruiters for SHI Group are glad to learn our recruiting to do this. They know to serve your business and not ours.  See also 11 Things You Need For Excellent Executice Search.

First thing they do in a new project is spend a day or more to deeply understand the company products and business scope.  Without understanding how this customer makes money, no one moves forward.

All actions follow from this and a core commitment to really understand and serve businesses rather than sell candidates. I love this business, and so do my coworkers.


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