Can We Admit Mistakes and Ask More Questions?

Can we admit mistakesCan we admit mistakes? Can candidates? It is natural for all of us to not want to admit mistakes and failures.  Thus we have found in recruiting that people who can are a special breed and make very valuable employees.  See also Mistake Are Not the End, Self Deception Might Be

It is also epidemic that leaders do not want to admit mistakes to their bosses or their workers.

However, a study done by Harvard Business School shows that people feel closer to people who are real and can admit a mistake or failure. So why do candidates and bosses and workers all cover up even though it brings closeness and connection?  At minimum, something in our wiring is messed up, and we need to fight against it.

Can We Admit Mistakes and Ask More Questions?

The work world is a better place when we all open up more than we are comfortable with.

On the other side of the coin, people like people who ask more questions and especially people who ask follow up questions. Yet, many of us including hiring managers fail to ask enough questions and especially follow up questions. We termed our interview method a curiosity interview as only that will help us find all that the candidate has to offer.  Also, our curiosity puts the candidate at ease which helps them to be real. That is exactly what you need, so you are not unpleasantly surprised when they start working for you.

So what are the problems in our work? People do not ask enough questions. They especially fail at follow up questions.

Then when asked, we fail to tell about the part that might embarrass us, and thus a chance for closeness and trust is lost.

Admitting mistakes makes you more likeable.

Asking curiosity questions is how you care for people. Simple ideas useful everywhere.

Recruiting For People Who Can Admit Mistakes

In Recruiting you are looking for people who ask more questions and can admit mistakes. That is what you need more than their talent actually. These people have a special value that we need to grab as opposed to just their work skill. Of course, some manipulators have learned this, so you still need a deep background check to worm out those people.


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