Can We Hire Right Consistently? YES

hire right consistentlyDo you want to be sure to hire right consistently? Do you want to make it consistent like making good parts for a customer?  Nearly?  As over 95% of our placements are good hires, we can say we more then reached 2 sigma. As a plus, 25% of our placements are rated as great hires by our customers.

In recruiting, we are proud of what we have achieved. Yet, we plan to reach yet higher. I cannot say it was an easy journey. The process started when I first tried to get people with talent who were trustworthy in 1997. I kept finding gaps in my method that were too big.  Further along the path, I hired a lot of people between 1997 and 2008.  By 2008, we reached a 2.0 level.

In 2009, I started my own company.   Together with our whole team, we took my 0-1 jump in thinking and added 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 in terms of detail in practice. We are not really concerned about others catching us now as we know how hard that road has been. We are glad to be here.

Let’s Hire Right CONSISTENTLY!

Hiring should not be a hope. Hiring should be a process where confirmed results come forth. We are not 6 sigma as we are still learning and also because people are not widgets. Very consistent good hiring we can do. We cannot claim perfect, but we can claim confidence when placing as have not made a bad placement since 2018.

In China, we have raised the flag for consistently good hiring. We hope you can enjoy our rigorous recrruiting process where we partner with you in pursuit of a good hire again and again.  Back in 2009, 0ur opening purpose was to sit on the same side of the table with our customers and cooperate to get the right hire each time by getting all the real verifiable data on past performance which is a great measure of future performance. We are glad the whole process works though sometines it is hard for our customers to adjust to our novel way of thinking.  That’s OK as we know we are quite different.


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