Candidate Experience and the Chinese Situation

Candidate Experience and the Chinese Situation

Let’s give more thought to candidate experience.


Candidates are much more than a possible hire. Everyone of them is an ambassador of your company because they have had an experience with you or your chosen recruiter.  They are living, and they talk. People they talk to are also possible candidates for you. Candidates tell us all the time about being left in the lobby or being left in the dark on progress. They are often mistreated by HR departments who take this chance to look down on someone.  Many Western managers have no understanding of what impression their candidates in China are getting.


Does anyone or at least your recruiter follow up with candidates you have interviewed? When this is done well, it makes a good impression and helps you get this person or their friends and relatives.  Interestingly enough, it also helps you get them for a better price and with a better attitude if you hire them. See also Employer Brand Management 9 Ways to Attract Better Candidates.

Social Media and the Candidate Experience


I think you are aware of how big social media is in China. WeChat had 1 Billion users this month. Can you imagine? You treat a candidate bad, and they put it on their Wechat and others pass it on who are in their region and many in their industry. You can bury yourself.


Best candidates do not touch companies with bad rep.   You treat a candidate you do not like well, and you may even get positive press. However, that has to go from the gate guard to each hand off.  Candidates are unfamiliar. They do not even know where the bathroom is when in your facility. See also China Employer Branding.


You phone interview a candidate and never give feedback. We all know that is bad, but have we really got the wake up call that we are hurting ourselves more than we know?  People talk and frustrated people talk more.

Candidates are human like us and deserve to be taken care of and given courtesy and even smiles.


Candidates are naturally nervous. Let’s reduce their nerves, so we can get more relaxed answers from their heart, so we really know them.   Further, we want all candidates to have a good candidate experience. Being nervous as things are unfamiliar and unfriendly does not help you.

Wrap up on Candidate Experience

Let’s take care of candidates because they are people like us and if that does not move you at least try to get them to be good ambassadors for you and not bad ambassadors.

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