Chase Chase Chase to Keep Candidates Interest

keep candidates interestI think we all know that delay does not work to keep candidates’ interest.

Hmmm, possible clients often ask us how long it takes us to find the right candidate. It is a reasonable question. However, it needs more thought. We totally agree that a tighter faster process helps.

Where Is Time Lost in Recruiting Process?

I tell these customers that we often see customers make the job offer around day 60.

However, that does not answer their question, does it?

So I explain that we recruit every day full time. Our customers, naturally, have full time jobs that are not recruiting. So most of the 60 days is used by our customers and not us.

It is very understandable. The candidates understand as do we.

Hiring Managers Are the Key To Keep Candidates’ Interest

Nevertheless, delay hurts candidate engagement and often leads to losing candidates outright. I have often mentioned that we need to think how the candidate feels. How does it feel to be waiting for an email and a call from a company?

That is a really bad feeling. One day is too much. What do candidates do when feedback takes over a week?  It is way too common. See also Should We Care About How Candidates Feel?

It is not easy to stay with candidates emotional situation.  If you are not ready to give good consistent time, then it is better for your market if you wait until you can. If you need person urgently, then you need to keep the ball moving and allow no delay.

That is really not easy. You have a full time day job and often are short handed when searching for a person. Time is very tight. Delay is not what you want, but too many things get in the way. Result is 60 days later you make an offer. Sometimes delay gets worse and then real damage sets in. See also 9 Ways to Attract Better Candidates.

Let’s Think More To Keep Candidates Interest

At the start, you do not know candidates well and may not be excited.  Then you may not be as active in the process and hoping something better comes up. Many times the candidate who does not wao the first round proves to be gold. He is better at working than interviewing. With us, one has to work the process as more contacts and further research prove out the best candidates. Everyone including us wants to see even better candidates. But delay costs you as available good candidates lose interest and often the process has little hope to turn up someone at the same price level that is better. See also China Employer Branding.

Surely, sometimes you have a reason not to interview a candidate. We hope you can hear us if we push back as see something valuable in the 90 minutes we interview. However, yes or no is better than delay by far.


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