Employer Brand Management-10 Ways to Develop

Employer brand management rarely gets as much emphasis as it should. It is so valuable to a company that it deserves more thought.

1. Treat all candidates like gold as they all have friends in the industry who will hear about our behavior.

2. When candidate resumes are submitted, give all possible speed to respond quickly and professionally so candidate is not left waiting unnecessarily. 48 hours should be the limit and 24 hours creates a very good impression.

3. Once the company guard tells HR the candidates are at the gate, someone should come down to the lobby immediately to welcome them. That person should explain the interview process to them. Further, they must tell them how long they should expect to wait if at all. No wait is best.  Do not leave anyone alone in the lobby over 10 minutes for any reason.

4. Inform recruiters or candidates at least 4 hours before the interview if the hiring manager can’t interview the candidates. Many candidates have to take time off work to interview. 24 hours in advance is best, but 4 hours is absolute minimum notice.

5. Inform recruiters about any changes or risk of changes of the position requirements immediately, so candidates are not misled.

6. Examine resume for red flags before interviewing. It is highly unprofessional to tell a candidate who took time off work that they are not qualified because of something about their resume.

7.  No one should interview candidates who is not clear on the position and the culture you seek.

8. Experiential interviewing should be used and not what if questions. We need experience and real behaviors and not story tellers who are quick. (except in rare position types)


9. New arrivals should include written data giving clarity on the mission, actual values, common practices and where is the bathroom. Real thought should go into who is our company and that should be explained clearly when people first start. Everyone should know how to get ahead and what is important.   Recruiters should all have the documents used for incoming processing, so they know more about the company they recruit for.


10,  Exiting people should be interviewed and notes kept at central location.  Best data from candidates is rarely written on forms. An understanding person should talk to people when they leave and draw out their data to give written report narrative.

employer brand management

Can your China employer brand match your home brand like these cans?

It is not easy to get the employee market in the vicinity of your company to think well about you. Some strategic thinking could help in several areas that could help engagement and success.  The whole company needs focus related to Employee brand as Ops, Finance, Sales, Marketing all are part of the package the candidates feel. Because great candidates seek great cultures, this will draw and retain workers who can cheer about your company all along the process. People cheer about companies where good work brings rewards and bad work does not. They cheer about companies that grow each year.  Many you already have done, and you just need to explain in engaging ways and in writing.

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Employer Brand Management also Needs Strategy

Here are some excellent strategic questions from Real Staffing

They ask, What:

  • Are the most attractive and compelling attributes of the organisation to both current and potential employees?
  • Roles within the company are most critical to your success and what do you need to do to attract and retain the best talent in these areas?
  • Are the typical characteristics and attributes of current employees and what are their future requirements?
  • Are the current perceptions of working within the organisation? How are they affecting your current ability to recruit top talent?

Here is to better hiring and retention.

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