How Do You Treat Chinese Executive Search Candidates at Your Company?

Chinese executive search face

How do you know if this person is not the key to your future?

Are Chinese Executive Search Candidates human too?  Many company owners think so, but their Chinese staff may not.

Chinese Executive Search Candidates Must be Recruited All the Time

A fast growing company needs someone of very special skill and experience and attitude to take them to the next level.

The International President & CEO is in China and plans to call an important Chinese Executive Search candidate. An emergency comes up, and he misses the call and then belatedly has his assistant call. Oops! Little does he know that his assistant thinks candidates are the dirt under her feet. They need to bow to her!

The CEO needs this person, but his staff do not know the value of new candidates.

As per usual, the candidate is leaving another place because he is being treated poorly, so that is your chance to get excellent talent at a reasonable price. However, the candidate is looking for signs that you will be no better than his last place.

This assistant just gave the candidate all the  proof he needs that this is not a place that will treat him well.

Now, sweet talking every Chinese executive search candidate and then crushing them once they start is not a good plan. It is better than chasing away all good talent I suppose, but it leads to a lot of turn over.  Once they start and see how you are, they put out their resume again. That is a lot of turmoil for you.

So, let me back up. Most people who read this blog care about workers. My word of warning is you cannot be too sure how your work force views candidates unless you have heard them out on how they view candidates.

Any stake holder including random Chinese Executive Search candidates could be the key to your future. You do not know until after you have background checked and interviewed. Do well, and it will pay dividends.


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