Can’t Come to China? Recruit Trustworthy Talent Here

recruit trustworthy talentWith Covid-19 still on the radar, many companies are turning to hire someone in China to do factory visits or sales work. Many companies will be disappointed in the short or medium term when they do not get what they expected in the hire. They failed to see that choosing to hire means more thought is needed to recruit Trustworthy Talent in China.

We exist to help in such situations. You may only need one person, but that person is important, and you need to get it right as they will be managing themselves in some ways.

Temptations exist in any country when you are on your own in your own country. Add to that that you are in China doing work for a Western company, and you multiply the risk of what will happen many times over.

Chinese people are creative when it comes to how to cheat on the job. Most people sse there is nothing wrong in it. The right hire is not like that and will work trnasparently with the home office to get the work done. See more of what our unique kind of Recruitment Agency China can do for you.

Recruit Trustworthy Talent So You Can Have a Good Future

This person is not found by LinkedIn and an interview or even many interviews. We have found where we are that having one person responsible for the whole process with the candidate gives a better picture of the whole candidate that just the interview. So we do that as well as other ways to get the best candidate the first time. I have been focusing on hiring in China since 1997. We have the best and most transparent process in the recruiting industry. We think you need that to make the best decision. Otherwise, you are making  decisions with incomplete or unverified information, and the risk of a bad hire becomes like rolling the dice.

We exist to make sure you are not rolling the dice, and in fact are sleeping well as have made the right hire the first time.  We want you to finally have the piece to know you have a good future with this person. Then we know we have done the right work. It is not easy to weed out all the people who simply can interview well. but we are glad to put the real candidates to work for you and get the pretenders out. Then, the sun can rise on what may be a dark landscape.


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