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chaos in hiringIn the HBR article I mentioned last week, they also mentioned hiring. Unlike over engineering that is emerging in other business activities, chaos in hiring is what they see.  They note that hiring is one place where people still shoot from the hip.

In talking about if any place has too little engineering, they name recruiting.  Note this quote.

Hiring comes to mind: At most companies, managers with little if any training in how to hire still make choices based on their gut and biases.

Businesses are near total empowerment in interviewing and candidate management as I see it too.

We Overcome Chaos in Hiring – Here Is a Way

I empower my recruiters, but allow no chaos.   First, I strongly encourage creativity and experimenting to find candidates.  I also only hire creative people to do recruiting.  Secondly, you may guess that I hire for talent and trustworthiness to include transparency and teachability. So we need almost no rules, but principles and values very clear.

I think most companies need to establish principles for interviewing, hiring and how to treat candidates. However, we should not move to over engineering and proscribe what to ask when the recruiter certainly has enough thought. Do not cap creativity. See also SHI Group Recruitment Agency China.

There is so much chaos in hiring that companies are using assessments and even algorithms when they haven’t done the real things impacting real hiring in a way that cannot be gamed. Assessments and  algorithms are way too easy to game. People are learning the key words to beat algorithms and know what to put on assessments. That is why no methods have eliminated chaos in hiring. Candidates are alive, but their experience is provable. We find a way to gather small data and get to 3 sigma over 95% successful hires.  Deal with people through human means and not process them in a computer as if computers can know people as they really are.

Time For You to Get Dissatisfied

People get lucky and get a good hire and says “See, this chaotic method works”  They should do that on the production line. Then people could say “See, we produced one good part!” Great hiring is still in chaos while over engineering is starting to happen elsewhere.

We resolve the chaos, created partmership with our customers and give them responsive professionalism. We arrive and solve chaos at least in the one recruitment case we start with. See also The Recruitment Process is Broken in China.

Come and see a better future. We are here to open your eyes to that new world.


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