China – A Land of Trained Interviewees

China – A Land of Trained Interviewees

Do you want trained interviewees?  Business Insider could be a good place to go. The say that interviewers use trick questions. They say interviewers use these as want to get real answers out of candidates.  See the quote below. 

This question can be a challenge, particularly early on in the interview, because you don’t really know what personality type the manager is seeking.

So the author clearly thinks the interview is a performance. 

It is so very weird. The goal is to think what the interviewer wants to hear based on understanding who they should pretend to be. Sounds like the author believes the interview is just a performance and wants to help you perform better. See Also these 16 blogs on Interviewing

I am amazed at how the author very casually states that we are all performing. He does not sense anything is wrong. The author even is glad to train people to defeat hiring manager efforts to get to the truth.  He does not apologize. Candidates will have no sense that anything is wrong with learning how to pretend in the interview.  If in English it is this way, we know it is much worse for us in China. See also Will Better Interview Questions Get Us There?

How Shall We Respond to Trained Interviewees? 

How can we ever succeed in hiring via interview when everyone is busy training candidates to perform? Furthermore,  candidates are busy learning to perform. 

By 2008, I knew the interview no matter how good had become too doubtful. 

10 years of deep interviews and matching deep background checks has taken us a long way in our understanding of how bold the liars are. 

I think we have rather impacted the march of AI for recruiting in China. By our rigorous recruiting model, we have shown that we can get to 95% success in recruiting Trustworthy Talent®, and AI is just thinking about how they may be able to beat 50% that is the track record for usual recruiting.

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