China and Compliance – A Way To Get There

China and complianceChina and Compliance are becoming hot issues. Let’s says it is the Era of China compliance.

Any time it is good to be compliant.  In a foreign country that goes at least double. In the present era, it goes triple.

Any heads nodding?

First goal of any business must be to serve the cutomer and to do that many companies will serve the people who serve the customer. (like Customer Mania)

To do that you need to keep the business open and out of government trouble. Further, compliance makes money for you by eliminating waste. Keeping everyone on the same page is always useful.

However, the government is extra hot these days. I guess you are not out to break the laws here. Are your local managers and implementers of the same heart? Do they care about what you care about?

How To Get Compliance in China

Trying to manage by better and better rules and enforcement can never be as good as hiring trustworthy talent from the start. The trustworthy talent can then help you build a system. They also usually make follow on hires who are trustworthy talent.  That will give you a culture of compliance and a good system. Then no one is tempted either.

So, being more careful in hiring is the key.

Statistically, 40-45% of any country is a kind of quick thinking and often manipulative type. They are good at acting. We did personality testing on hundreds of candidates and never had anyone test to be that type. (Meyers Briggs SP, ISTP, ISFP, ESFP. and ESTP  In friendships in China I meet lots of there people.  Chinese people at first and second meeting are surely hard to know well They are more inscrutable and like to be that way.  The result is that compliance becomes hard. If you hire people, and do not really know them, then it is hard to talk about a good compliance program unless your company is rules, rules, rules, rules and you personally check all.

To make a good product. you must begin with good raw materials. This certainly works for compliance. I once led a 10 office 3 province business that went through a lot of cash every day. We had no theft in the 6 years I was there. The auditor was astounded.  He said my system was hiring trustworthy people.    That is why I started my own company, so I could help many have this much success. Ah, we also had a system that never tempted anyone, but the auditor knew why the system worked. See also China Easier and Harder.


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