Real China Background Check or Checking a Box?

Real China Background Check or Checking a Box?

A China background check of candidates in the sense of integrity and doing real work is an important topic for most businesses. As such, we developed a process to discern and know all the real data.

Sometimes, when clients want a candidate we have proposed, we will find that the background check shows they were lying. We request to withdraw the candidate. ans the customer will want to overllok the realk data as the were so smitten by the interview. Sure, some guys can tell great stories, but it all ends when they start working. Finally, as we talk with the client, the data is overwhelming, and the client will move on to other candidates that actually did what they said in said in the interview.   The candidates that SHI Group finally recommend let them sleep better for good reason. China Law Blog Says Background checks are a must. I feel quite confident he is not talking about window dressing. We never check the box. What do we mean by check the box?

Reference checks where you have the candidate give you two names, and you call them is this kind of false sleep. I call those a check the box method.China background check

We think you need real candidates who are willing to give real data when it is hard. We do this as find that these people have become experts at doing real work instead of learning how to manipulate. If you are overseas, you may want to Beware the Dog and Pony Show

A Real China Background Check Gets You Real Sleep

Experts on manipulation are the cause of most politics.  Politics plagues so many companies unnecessarily as filtering is not good. Some companies just want technology and say they assume integrity at this level.    That assumption causes politics and worse at many companies especially foreign owned companies in China. For a way to avoid that, see 11 Things you Need for Excellent Executive Search.

So I do not recommend a process where trustworthiness is assumed or felt true due to the interviewee’s interview skills. That is not reproducible and faulty.  I definitely do not recommend a process where the background check has no teeth.  Why have a process that is just window dressing where you check off that you background checked? Unfortunately, we also see that just doing a China background check is also very limited, We have found that only a very deep interview to set up the background check will get you the due diligence you need. So that is why our process does just that.

China is a great country with great people. However, a real China Background Check is very insightful and will help you get the Rock Star that you will always be glad you found.


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