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China covid business newsBig China business news is out in the last week and more news each day.  China’s sudden decision to end the 0-Covid policy means near hope for better business environment.It is hard to start recruiting projects if things seem too uncertain.

Covid is moving fast in North China now and should move to South China in a few weeks I guess.

Talking to my Beijing office, half of all the people they know have Covid right now and that includes in the Hebei villages where they have families.  They estimate that half of Beijing and half of North China have Covid now. Within a month’s time, China may be thru the worst. However, it should be quite a month.

In North China no one is reporting publicly they have Covid now, so no active data is available. Our company works remotely, and so have little impact though 1/4th of our work force has Covid now.  They are reporting headaches and sore throats. Some have low fevers. They are still working mostly as not too serious.

0-Covid policy left everyone fearful that suddenly their families would be separated and quarantined. Now that 0-Covid is cancelled, that risk is over and people are just managing this sickness mostly at home. Most people in China are now taking a deep breath.

Surely people with existing conditions like older people are scrambling. God bless them.

By the time any projects we have going are finished. China should be a lot better off. That will help us and our customers.

Such Good China Covid Business News

Living under the constant threat of lockdown and 0-Covid inspired supply chain disruption has been a big problem for many of our customers. Now, supply chain disruption is caused due to widespread sickness in some areas. Staffing will be down as many people could be sick at the same time in many businesses. This should peak in the next few months and then settle down as people learn to live with the virus like those in the West have already.

Hopefully, we are near the end of a painful time here in China. I guess that no quarantine for international arrivals should start shortly as China will have more Covid cases than the West. China is joining us, and a few months from now, I suggest a new world will emerge after three years of tough government controls.

Here is to a better business environment coming to us in China soon instead of endless waiting. My family has Chinese medicine on site, and we expect to get Covid soon. This looks old now- Hard Days in China.


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