China Executive Hiring and $30M lost? Annually?

China Executive Hiring and $30M lost? Annually?

If you know a top leader who is actively driving away business you might be disturbed, but if you know of two specific instances, then you have a pattern. These things are not usually public, so to know of two means there must be much more. Proper China executive hiring can do away with this. Let’s first look at the examples though.

2 China Executive Hiring Cases to Make Your Mouth Drop

The first case I know is a US second tier supplier to the truck industry. They have a factory in North China. I found proof the Chinese VP of operations was protecting and caring for one project while secretly trying to kill another. Everyone under the VP knew to not support the top project and put it on the bottom of their list.  I am still puzzled by why he did it. The project was worth $30M a year for this truck company.  I guess he did not like the people in that division? What is clear is he did seek to kill it off.china executive hiring

The second case I know is a Singaporean top leader in a US company here in China. They had a good electronics business and had a chance to break into the mass auto market with VW in China.  He refused to support the project manager who was supposed to bring VW in. The Singaporean quietly froze that PM out as he kept working hard to bring VW in. Finally, that PM resigned as could not bring himself to kill this project. The Singaporean then succeeded in killing that customer and blamed that PM who left.  Why did he do that? Perhaps he thought the auto industry is too much work? I am not sure the owners felt that way. Of course they never knew. See also Executive Recruitment China.

We find these things out as we background check deeply.  More Western companies need to know these things about their China Executive Hiring.  Our promise is you will. See 11 Things You Need For Excellent Executive Recruitment China


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