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China Executive Search Done Right is hard to find. We see cases where people decide on gut feel and hire the right guy. SHI Group even sees the occasional inside hire where a leader chooses someone inside the company or that they know very well, and it works out well. I also see a host of cases where the gut feel or even the well known hire do not work out.  Often it is tragically so.

One Western Company had a trusted Global Procurement head living in Singapore. They hired him to take over their troubled China based factory.  We met him before he took over, and in a 30 minute talk we saw a disaster coming. One year of struggle and bad decisions led to his dismissal.

Another large Western sales organization in China had a first China Director replacement who sat at a desk all the time. The second fought with the key distributor.  The third did solid work but was closed to outside help.

China Executive Search Done Right via Six Sigma

If someone has a batting average of 33% in China executive search, many consider him or her a good ‘hitter’. 66% is a superstar!  You may have heard me say that we need to start thinking in terms of Six Sigma not batting averages.  I still hold that flag. Sometimes I feel I am the only China recruiter with six sigma certification.

It takes detailed thinking and a careful trained eye to improve hiring.  We had to ignore Western Recruiter thought to get here.  We are distinctly above 3 sigma(93.3% accuracy) , but still a ways to go to reach 4 sigma(99.4% accuracy).  See also 11 Things You Need For Excellent Executive Search China.

A wise customer told me last week, “We cannot know just from the industry a person listed if they are a good candidate. There is a real person behind this resume, and that determines if they are a good candidate.”  That is so true. Some people with ugly and apparently mismatched resumes are a great hire waiting to happen. Most people with perfect resumes are a disaster or at least a disappointment waiting to happen.  Present executive search often filters out the good candidates and holds onto the disaster candidates.  The look is too shallow and ability to look for the key issues or even understand them is too low. See also Hiring “A”Players.

So it is not just in the background check that we bring value, though a lot comes there.  It is clear that the whole process holds opportunity that all must grasp to reach 3 Sigma and beyond.



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