China Field Service Recruiting Needs Excellence

China field service Recruiting

China Field Service Recruiting is a special niche given a lot of companies have little on site supervision especially during COVID-19.  As they are important to your sales and reputation, you need the best and most trustworthy talent on the market.

If you had a bad record and left a bad reputation behind you, what would you do to get as new job?

I suppose I would get counseling to find out why I acted in such inappropriate ways. Now, the vast majority of bad field service people will not do that. So what do they do in an era of perfect resumes?

For almost all of the trouble makers, faking their resume and preparing great stories for the interview is the easiest path.

Climbing the Ladder On China Field Service Recruiting

Do we have any reason to wonder why hiring is so hit and miss?

A beautiful resume and a great interview too easily mesmerize Western hiring managers. If only those two things were a good measure of job performance.

We cannot imagine what will happen once we are out of sight. The Chinese can imagine a great deal. There in lies the recruiting and follow-on field service problem in China. I feel like the saying, “When the cats away, the mice will play” is a good saying that I think must have come from China in some form.

It is because Chinese People Are All Trained  Politicians. That’s what makes hiring in China such a mess. Companies are relying on resumes and interviews which are the perfect platform for politicians to make their mark.  We are glad to help you get the people who have overcome training in politics and into people who do real work.

We should never shake our heads and say China is just this way.  Finally, China has great people who are hard to dig up and know correctly.


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